About Us

Let’s start at the beginning…

The Jily Skin brand was developed over 100 years ago, the same location that we inhabit today! But the Miller’s Pharmacy building has an even longer history. It was constructed in 1860 and is the oldest commercial building in Wyckoff. While its outward appearance has changed over the years, our purpose remains the same — to provide our community with the trusted products and services that it has known for nearly a century. 

Millers has been selling skincare since 1919

In their very first store in Passaic, NJ. Except in those days they called it “Face Powder”. They also sold perfumes, toilet articles (which were books), toys and much more. Over the ensuing years Millers began selling commercial cosmetics and — due to increasing requests from local physicians and patients — their trusted pharmacists began formulating personalized, prescription-grade skin care products. 

Nearly 60 years later, Miller’s joined PCCA — a preeminent organization for compounding pharmacies that supports the creation of personalized medicine.

We always have been listening..

When Miller’s of Wyckoff was acquired by Daywel in 2019, it quickly became apparent that there was a need to expand the Jily Skin product line. After all, the Daywel mission — to embrace living — includes all aspects of wellness. 

Our clients voiced the desire for additional skin care solutions that help them look as great as they feel. We strongly believe in the connection between health and beauty, so Daywel rose to the occasion by drastically expanding the Jily Skin product line. 

Now, our clients can build a skin care regimen that is suited to their specific needs — all under the guidance of our aestheticians and, skincare experts.

Skin care like no other

Unlike other beauty brands, the formulation and production of Jily Skin products is overseen from start to finish by our very own skincare experts. We use only the best ingredients — sourced in the U.S. — for the cleanest, highest quality products on the market.

Made right here in our lab

And because we are such sticklers for perfection we built our own state of the art manufacturing lab in the Millers Building so that we can control every step of the process. Unlike so many others that slaps its label on top of someone else’s product we control every last detail to assure the best quality that our legacy has taught us to deliver…

Do you know the chemistry behind your skin? We do! 

Jily Skin is the culmination of decades of compounding pharmaceutical experience (in other words…not your average pharmacy). So, you can trust that Jily Skin products are formulated with quality, efficacy, and safety as our top priorities.

Stay tuned for more incredible products

Soon, we’ll offer personalized, prescription-grade skin care products under the name Jily SkinRx. We’re excited to offer these prescriptions in partnership with a team of dermatologists available through a telemedicine platform (read: no in-person appointments necessary!). Want to stay up-to-date on the release of Jily SkinRx? Be sure to join our email list!

By the way...

Did you know that Millers nationally accredited compounding pharmacy ships to 50 states? On top of that, we’re a preferred vendor for Costco and CVS pharmacies. If that isn’t a testament to our highly qualified pharmacists, we don’t know what is!

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